About Us

Abraj Trading was established in the year 2008, with the sole aim of catering to the various metal trading requirements in The Kingdom of Bahrain. What started out as a small trading facility has now grown into one of the largest metal trading houses in the country.

We are among the largest importers of ferrous and non-ferrous metals from some of the leading international suppliers in diverse markets of GCC, Europe and Asia. Having tapped into the international markets to procure quality materials, we have opened up new channels for metal trading in the country. Our large inventory and quality products has put us in the forefront of metal trading industry, and has enabled us to cater to some of the leading construction projects in the country.

Apart from metal trading, we also provide exceptional metal cutting and metal bending services. Our warehouses are equipped with cutting edge technology, which ensure precision cutting, metal bending, polishing and perforation services and enables us to complete our projects within the deadline. Combined with our metal trading resources, we are empowered to provide customized services to our clients. If there is a construction/ engineering metal requirement in the country, then we are the ones you need to call.


Our vision is to continue to be synonymous with quality and reliability in the metal trading industry in the country.


Our mission is to become a premier metal trading company in The Kingdom of Bahrain by focussing on fulfilling the requirements of our clients and end users with reliable and competent metal products.