Stainless Steel Flat Bar

Hot rolled stainless steel flat bars are extremely versatile and find uses in a variety of industries. Their generic nature makes them an indispensable part of general maintenance and metal tinkering processes in automobile repair shops. They come in a variety of specifications, and are used in the manufacture of bus and automobile bodies, ship building, truck trailers, scaffoldings, base plate and earthing plate manufacturing etc.

Product Details

Grades 304, 316l
Size 20x2mm to 100x10mm
Finish Mill/ Brush/Mirror

Size Mill Finish Brush Finish Mirror finish
20x 2 mm x 6 m      
25 x 3 mm x 6 m      
30 x 3mm x 6 m      
40 x 4mm x 6 m      
40 x 5 mm x 6 m      
50 x 5 mm x 6 m      
50 x 6 mm x 6 m      
50 x 6 mm x 6 m      
80 x 8 mm x 6 m      
50 x 10 mm x 6 m      
100 x 10 mm x 6 m      

Other Grades and sizes available as per request