Chromium carbide wear plate

Composite wear plates consist of a steel backing plate on which a very hard wear-resistant alloy is deposited using a proprietary welding process. This alloy may contain hard phases of extreme hardness depending on the application conditions and expected service life. Common hard phases include:

  • Chromium carbides – reliable, cost-effective
  • Complex carbides – carbides of niobium, vanadium, titanium etc.
  • Borides – for effective erosion resistance
  • Metallic Borocarbides – near-nanostructured hard phases
  • Tungsten carbides – angular, spherical in iron or nickel matrix

Hard coatings from 1.0 mm upto 15.0 mm are easily achievable, though most common are the 3mm to 8 mm thickness range. Backing plate can be any weldable steel suited for the application.

Typical applications include protection of large surface areas which are under high mechanical load and require great operational reliability. Examples include:

  • Vibratory and rotary screens, feeders
  • Rotors for centrifugal fans
  • Linings for hopper, casing, mixers, separators etc.
  • Linings for cement, slag, raw, coal mill components

Other Grades and sizes available as per request