Brass Pipe

Brass pipes are available in a variety of specifications that comply with the requirements. They are extremely popular in plumbing, and are capable of handling a significant amount of water pressure. Being highly resistant to corrosion is also one of the main reasons as to why this is a preferred material for plumbing pipes. The brass pipes are cut to order with the edges polished to be able to use right away. Brass pipes are inherently strong in nature, but can be bent and reshaped to custom specification as required.

Product Details

Grades c230, c260, c360, c330, c464
Diameter 25mm to 100mm
Thickness 1mm to 3mm
Finish Polished & Without Polish

size 1 mm Thick 1.5 mm Thick 2 mm Thick 3 mm Thick
25 x 5 m        
30 x 5 m        
40 x 5 m        
50 x 5 m        
60 x 5 m        
70 x 5m        
80 x 5 m        
90 x 5 m        
100 x 5 m        

Other Grades and sizes available as per request