Teflon Plate

Teflon plates are mostly used to develop and design intricate components such as circuit boards, pumps and valves. The self-lubricating and non-conducting features of Teflon makes it an ideal choice for such operations. They can withstand high temperatures and can operate under extreme conditions without much stress. Teflon plates are used widely in manufacturing heavy electrical components. All our Teflon products conform to international standards and are designed to perform efficiently.

Product Details

Grades D792/ D570/ D638/ D790/ D695/ D785/ D256/ D696/ D648/ D3418/ C177/ UL94/ D149/ D150/ D150/ D257
Thickness 20 mm to 60 mm
Finish Mill Finish

Size 1 x 1 m 4′ x 8′
20 mm    
30 mm    
40 mm    
50 mm    
60 mm    

Other Grades and sizes available as per request