Plastic Bar

Plastic bars are manufactured using a variety of synthetic polymer compounds. The wide variety of plastic bars at our disposal are suitable for various applications such as manufacture of bearing, rollers, seals etc. The plastic bars absorb low moisture and are graded for food contact as well. These plastic bars can be easily remodelled to comply with the manufacturing requirements. The plastic bars in our inventory are among the best in the industry, and conform to the industrial requirements quite efficiently.

Product Details

Grade A grade Plastic Rod
Diameter 25 mm to 300 mm
Finish Mill Finish

Size Available
25 mm  
30 mm  
35 mm  
40 mm  
45 mm  
50 mm  
55 mm  
60 mm  
65 mm  
70 mm  
80 mm  
90 mm  
100 mm  
110 mm  
120 mm  
130 mm  
140 mm  
150 mm  
160 mm  
170 mm  
180 mm  
190 mm  
200 mm  
210 mm  
220 mm  
230 mm  
240 mm  
250 mm  
280 mm  
300 mm  

Other Grades and sizes available as per request