Hardfacing consumables

Many different wear problems can be solved efficiently and quickly onsite with deposition welding materials

All know-how pertaining to different base material welding procedures are well documented and available for customers. Our alloys are available in many different material specifications:

  • Hard facing alloys & super alloys
  • Repair and buffering 
  • Stainless and dissimilar steel joining
  • Cast Irons

Hard facing welding consumables are used for all applications subject to abrasion, erosion, impact, temperature and corrosion. No matter what the application — whether it’s excavation, crushing, grinding, mixing, screening or conveying you will always find the right solution for your specific requirements within our extensive alloy range.

Deposition welding materials are manufactured using proprietary formulations and are available in various forms to suit the application requirement.

  • Non-slag forming covered stick electrodes
  • Tubular electrodes
  • High deposition flux-cored wires
  • Atomized powders

Other Grades and sizes available as per request