March 15, 2019 By

After spending two years in RIMS I can proudly say that the institute has refined me into a fine personality adding to my personal as well as professional growth. The immense support from faculty helped me in a great way to attain clarity about my goals and illuminated the path of success for me. In addition to this the training sessions conducted by Career Development Council proved to be a great value addition in my growth. The facilities provided by the institute in terms of education, personality development programs and co-curricular activities are phenomenal and help to shape an individual into a complete personality. The management and other staff always extended great support and help in any required task and dedicated themselves completely to the commitments made. The Director Dr. M.R Pattabiram has always been a great source of inspiration and continues to inspire us to achieve our best. I walkout of this institute as a better and more confident version of myself than I was before ready to take up the challenges of professional world and achieve excellence.